Coastal Wine Market & Tasting Room (CWM) is our shared vision and entrepreneurial endeavor that we hope is a welcomed addition to the Nocatee Town Center in Ponte Vedra, FL. Our story began in 1995 at the University of Florida where, after meeting in class and sharing an affinity for laughter,  we became best friends. After graduation, I spent some time in California learning about wine while my wife, Shaun, traveled internationally also learning about wine. After reconnecting in 2010, beyond sharing a friendship in college, we were further connected with a passion for wine and how it is best enjoyed when shared with someone else. With this foundation, we continued learning and exploring the wine market and knew we wanted to become involved in the industry.

As I made my home in Los Olivos, California in 2006, I fell in love with the wine tasting culture that was so prevalent in the burgeoning Central Coast region. I further became fascinated with the entire winemaking process and started researching the various elements that make wine great including the social interaction and the camaraderie wine generates. I spent a great deal of time getting to know several of the local winemakers and felt their winery tasting rooms were the perfect complement to tasting their wines. The rooms were ornate, yet relaxing, comfortable, yet not pretentious. My ignited interest in the wine culture and its rich history took me down the path to becoming a certified Sommelier.

Shaun shared a similar wine affinity and developed hers internationally while spending time in Italy and Spain among other countries. She absorbed the rustic and refined nature of international wine vineyards, tasted and paired fine wines with artisan cheeses and was eager to transfer her vision stateside. When we joined forces, it was clear that we shared the same vision of bringing a tasting room to Nocatee as it would be a welcome destination for much of the community.

We strive to always cultivate the same curiosity and camaraderie within our clientele that we feel for wine, by creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends the wine and craft beer shopping experience, with the comfort and warm surroundings of a winery tasting room. In that spirit, every Friday and select Saturdays,  we host a CWM tasting event where everyone is welcome to come and enlighten their palate in a relaxing, friendly environment. Each CWM tasting showcases selected wines and/or craft beers. CWM also offers their location for private parties and corporate events.

Sharing our knowledge of the wine industry and introducing our clientele to its many facets is a large motivator for us as business owners. We want to foster and grow a sense of energy created by community and sharing. We’ve embraced the opportunity to do what we love, and seeing others become a part of the process empowers us to move forward. Shaun and I would welcome you as friends in our market and as we love to say, “We look forward to having you over!”